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FAQ - Beijing Male Massage Men Spa Dragon

    Q : When should I arrive dragon male massage spa for men beijing for my treatment?
  • To enhance relaxation we suggest arriving 30 minutes prior your scheduled appointment time.
  • Q : Hi Dragon male spa massage for men beijing,What if I am late for my appointment?
  • Arriving late will shorten the length of your treatment. Your service will end at the scheduled time so that the next guest is not delayed. Full charge for your appointment will be applied. --- by customer support staff of Dragon men spa male massage beijing
  • Q : Dear beijing male massage spa for men dragon Can I cancel my spa massage or outcall appointment at any time?
  • 24 hours cancellation policy applies - Group cancellation may vary based on the number of guests and services reserved. --- by customer support staff of Dragon men spa male massage beijing
  • Q : This is my very first time visiting a male massage spa and I feel a bit apprehensive!
  • Your comfort is our number one priority! We generally prefer that you disrobe completely for a full body massage or body treatment, however, you may wear undergarments if it helps you to relax. Your body will be professionally draped at all times, and only the part of the body that is being worked on will be exposed. Please communicate any discomfort, desired massage pressure, or expectation you may have with your male therapist or any other spa personnel. It is our goal to make your stay with us as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. --- by customer support staff of Dragon men spa male massage beijing
  • Q : What kind of male masseur may I expect?
  • A clean, handsome, friendly and skilled Male therapist who perfectly understands your needs and who is dedicated to make the experience a fulfilling event. --- by customer support staff of Dragon men spa male massage beijing
  • Q : Can I see Male Masseur photos of Dragon male massage beijing?
  • Sorry about that. Our male massage service is based on trust and since dragon male massage spa beijing have a long standing reputation of being reliable. we simply do not need photos of our male massage therapists. those with photos of male massage service in beijing are mostly fake anyway. That's male therapists privacy also. --- by customer support staff of Dragon men spa male massage beijing
  • Q :Sorry I only have dollars left can i get a male massage ?
  • You may, Beijing Dragon male massage service are International Spa Massage service in beijing.We all major currency accepted. --- by customer support staff of Dragon men spa male massage beijing
  • Q :When can the male masseur arrive at my hotel do outcall massage service?
  • That's depends on your location. Usually in 30 mins. If you do not make an appointment ahead of time, there may be traffic jams or some incidents that make us late.Book early and save big on your male massage treatment. Your advance booking allows us a better planning of our male massage therapists. For this, we seek your understanding. --- by customer support staff of Dragon men spa male massage beijing
  • Considerations Dragon Male Massage Beijing is a place of serenity, rest and renewal. For the privacy of all our male guests we ask that you please turn off your cell phone and place it in your locker. If you are part of a group we kindly ask you to be considerate and keep talking to a minimum, be very soft spoken and be aware of other guests seeking solitude and rest. Smoking is prohibited throughout Spa .

    Here are 10 Tips how you can get a great Massage:

  • Deep breathing during the massage focuses your mind, enlivens your body, and relaxes you all at the same time.
  • •Visualise
  • As the male massage Masseurs works on tight area or knots, visualise those places unwinding and loosening up.
  • •Let Go
  • Don’t help the therapist lift your arm or turn your head. Masseurs call this hanging on. The opposite is letting go.
  • •Stop thinking, start being
  • You think all day long. Massage is a great opportunity to do a “massage meditation” - to focus on the sensations you are experiencing and think about nothing else.
  • •No pain, no gain - no way!
  • Firm, well focused pressure can do wonders for knots and patterns of tension, but how much pain should you experience? Zero.
  • •Listen to your emotions
  • Memories and feelings are buried in your body, and it’s natural that they emerge wh-en you are touched with care, compassion, and gentleness. Relax, breathe, and allow your tears or laughter to come.
  • •Blissing out is okay
  • Sometimes massage makes your feel ecstatic, like you are floating. Enjoy.
  • •Clothing is optional
  • If you are uncomfortable with any kind of skin exposure, stay covered. You can get a perfectly good massage fully clothed.
  • •You’re the boss
  • Just because you are lying down doesn’t mean you have to be submissive. Don’t li-ke the music? Want the room cooler or the pressure deeper? You are in charge!
  • •Be grateful
  • During your massage, be grateful for what you are experiencing in the moment. Aft-erwards, share your appreciation with the person who gave it to you, and he will look forward to the next massage just as much as you will.

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