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    We have interviewed a number of our most loyal male Massage therapists. And like to share their thoughts with you. This will give you a better understanding of Dragon male spa massage for men beijing and team of male massage therapists. The male massage therapists that we have interviewed are representative for the quality of all of our male massage therapists.


    It will tell you lots about our male massage therapists, how they look at their male massage job and how they look at our valued customers.


    These interviews are uncensored and un-cut ,so what you read is what they said.




    Q : how long have you been a male massage masseur in beijing? Could you advise us your motivation to work in the men spa massage industry ?
  • I've been spa massage for men over 3 years in Beijing . I have working male outcall service in beijing before Then I saw an ad for male masseur . I applied and shortly after started to work with Dragon men spa massage beijing . I really love it and feel the appreciation of the agency and the male customers.------ by Michael
  • have been working as a male masseur since 2008. It is a real exciting job. It allows me to save money for my future. But above all, I have been trained to become IPSB certified male massage therapist. I discovered I really enjoy massage people.To make people happy is a very satisfying job for me. ------ by Ben
  • I work with Dragon Men Massage Spa Beijing since their start. So that is almost 4 years now. I wanted a job with freedom; where I could set my own working hours. ------ by Jason
  • I have over 4 years experience . I really like it. I work in medicine massage before. But i don't like it. Then discovered the Beijing Dragon Male Spa Massage For Men and I thought I could apply. Dragon men Spa Massage beijing gives me a lot of freedom and a good money. And it's pleasurable work. ------ by Andy
  • Q : Have you worked with other Beijing men spa massage services before? Why did you choose Dragon male spa massage for men beijing ?
  • I have worked with one male massage for men service before. But that was mainly outcall male massage service in beijing. And customers were not really in need of a massage. Most of them wanted just sex service. It may sound funny, but that did not satisfy me. you know i do not offer that.Then I discovered Dragon men spa . And from day one I am so happy with their approach towards clients and male masseurs. They are really professional service in beijing. I love working with them. ------ by Michael
  • In 2009 I saw an ad for men masseuse. It looked very appealing. So I called and then all went well. The owners of Dragon Spa For Men are real nice people. They highly appreciate me.------ by Ben
  • Yes, i have. My best gay friend told me about his job with Dragon men spa Massage beijing. he talked about the customers and the management. It sounded so professional that I decided to apply. And yeah, it'S fantastic. I'm glad that I did join their team.------ by James
  • I came across Beijing Male Spa For Men Dragon'S website. That looked very professional and promising. So I applied. The clients are fantastic. They highly appreciate relax massage. Really enjoy it. And for me, I enjoy it too.------ by Jason
  • Dragon Spa Massage For Men Beijing is the only agency I work for. They gave me extra training and are very supportive. owners treat me with great respect. ------ by Andy
  • Q : What do you personally think is your biggest asset ?
  • My face! LOL. No, just joking. I think I can listen to my customers, and make them feel comfortable within a minute. And then I easily find what they need.------ by Michael
  • I understand their needs to make them relaxed.------ by Ben
  • I don't know, really.------ by James
  • My discreet looks and my self confidence.------ by Jason
  • I from DONGBEI. DONGBEI men are usually very manly,strong. I guess this is what many men like my massage. ------ by Andy
  • Q : You have been working with Dragon men spa massage beijing for long time. Can you tell us about your best ever massage experience with a customer ?
  • Wow.Difficult to answer. Dragon's customers seem to be real gentlemen. I find almost all my customers really pleasant people. ------ by Michael
  • Q : We know you have a lot of regular customers, what is your secret ?
  • I do not know. Honestly. I think because i like my job.------ by Michael
  • I treat them as a friend: with passion and pleasure.------ by Ben
  • I am genuine. I offer an exceptional body massage.------ by James
  • The secret is that I love my job :) ------ by Jason
  • When I give a relax massage, the pleasure is totally mutual. I guess my customers feel that. ------ by Andy

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  • "I will be back to Dragon Male Massage Spa For Men Beijing every time I'm in the Beijing.Great place to relax, very punctual and clean. Service seems to be a priority here. My one hour signature full body massage and facial was luxurious and exhilarating. I will be back to Beijing Dragon Men Spa Massage every time I'm in the Beijing. It's a must."
  • "Beijing Dragon Male SPA Massage For Men is wonderful. they provides best male massage in beijing. If you wish deep it is deep. if you wish light it is light. I have found him to be very accomodating . i often drift off when he works on me he makes me so comfortable. He clearly knows how to handle my body. I didn't want to leave Beijing Dragon Male Massage Spa For Men:( "
  • "Best Beijing Male Spa Massage I've been to in a long time!!Andy gives a terrific professional male massage and adjusted his pressure so that it was just right for me. His every movement was completely purposeful and worked my muscles so they were relaxed. I felt like I was floating on air on my walk home after the massage. I'll definitely book another appointment soon"