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 ┗Local Massages

    Detoxifying Reflexology


  • Experience the ancient healing art of foot reflexology. This treatment is based on the unders-tanding that the architecture of your feet contain a system of reflex points that connect to th-e systems throughout your body. There is evidence that refelexology helps with the release of toxins in your system allowing tired cells to rejuvinate.

  • Sanctuary Massage Back, Neck & Shoulder


  • This popular body massage is tailored to the individual. You can choose from a strong and d-eep technique to energise and relieve tension or a much lighter and more relaxing massage.

  • Jet lag relief


  • This package can be uplifting or relaxing, we adjust the essential oils & massage techniques to suit your needs. Lay back & enjoy a back massage to release tension, stomach massage to regulate the system, face & head massage & eye contour treatment to bring new life to a tired face, & finally a Thai foot massage.

 ┗Whole Body Massages

    Sports Massage


  • This massage is designed to prepare muscles for exercise or help them recover more quickly for the next round of activity. This is a vigorous massage that includes stretching, friction, and range of motion.

  • Swedish Massage


  • This massage is designed to prepare muscles for exercise or help them recover more quickly for the next round of activity. This is a vigorous massage that includes stretching, friction, and range of motion.

  • Deep Tissue Massage


  • This massage technique is directed toward specific areas of tension and imbalance in the muscular system. Deep tissue uses a variety of firm, directed strokes and techniques to loosen specific areas and increase circulation to keep muscles supple and relieve common aches and pains caused by muscle strain.

  • Serenity Massage


  • Why not enjoy Utopia's unique serenity massage, the treatment focuses on relaxing your state of mind through deep breathing and meditation techniques. Whilst totally relaxed you will experience a calming essential oil massage to restore vitality back into your body and feel the stress just simply float away.

  • Fusion Massage


  • Fusion Massage emphasizes the power and integrity of the whole rather than the fragments that make up the whole. Fusion Massage techniques are primarily based on Esalen, Lomi Lomi and Thai Yoga Massage - a concept aimed at gracefully blending diverse modalities into a holistic bodywork session.



  • Japanese Zen-Style Shiatsu is a pressure-point massage designed to regulate the flowof life energy in the body. Our special Shiatsu massage applies light to deep pressure with palms, thumbs and fingers to stimulate the healing of the body and mind. Shiatsu produces a deep sense of relaxation and increased energy level, which brings the body back to balance.

  • Hot Stone Massage


  • Indulge in a treatment known for its deeply relaxing benefits. Our skilled practitioners massage you with heated basalt stones that melt away knots, tension, and stress. The hot stone experience relieves pain and promotes harmony, balance, and peace.

 ┗Whole Body Signature Massages(Highly recommended)

    Whole Body Signature Massage


  • This full body massage is designed to soothe tired muscles, improve circulation, anpromote relaxation. As a therapeutic deep tissue full body massage reduces tension, soothes sore muscles while renewing energy and vitality!

  • Whole Body Signature Massage 2


  • Our Signature Massage 2 is custom designed for you. This perfect combination of essences, acupressure, reflexology and massage techniques are designed to meet your exact needs on the very day you visit. Warm towels, soothing heat packs, calming eye pillow, and extended length of the massage make this a very popular choice.

  • Four-hands Massage


  • Two therapists and thousands of years of tradition are called upon to nourish your tissues, enhance your immune system and reduce stress in your body and mind in this rhythmic and lyrical therapy massage. when you choose to pamper yourself with two masseuses instead of just one. Savour the feeling of multiple hands running all along your nude body, with sensual touching occurring simultaneously from head to toe.

  • Sensual Massage


  • Going beyond any ordinary massage, the Sensual Surrender treatment puts an emphasis on all of your senses rather than simply the power of touch. This is an extra sensory massage,Your eyes will be covered with a blindfold to take away your sense of vision, allowing you to let go and give in to the massage.

    The goal of all of these sensory deprivations is to heighten the sense of touch. Because you will be unable to see your masseur, you will anticipate him every move even more greatly than you would if you were in charge of the situation. Your masseur is in Special, and you will have to simply wait for the events to unfold. he will massage and stimulate you from head to toe, with unprecedented stroking movements. Because you will be extra sensitive, each touch and stroke will seem extraordinary.

    This treatment can be extremely arousing and intense. Your masseur is in complete control, and you can only surrender to him stimulating touch. The end result of all of this extra sensory stimulation is leaving you feeling relieved, stress-free, and with a full sense of ultimate well-being.

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