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Beijing Brazilian Wax For Mlae 北京巴西热蜡除毛

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Hair removal is our most popular male treatment and not as painful as men envisage. Prior to the treatment - the therapist will cleanse the area and may trim the hairs if they are too long to be waxed - generally the hairs will be trimmed to a maximum of 10mm. The therapist will then apply a high quality cream warm wax and remove the unwanted hair. Afterwards, a soothing tea tree lotion is applied to help the skin recover from the shock of the waxing treatment.

Waxing can be used for removing hair from virtually any part of the body. It is most commonly used for removing hair on the arms, legs, underarms and bikini line. Other parts of body where waxing is frequently used for hair-removal are face, including upper lips, lower lips, eyebrows and chin, and the chest and back.

The only areas where waxing should not be used are eyelashes and inside nose and ears. Waxing on the female and male genital organs and nipples should only be done by a qualified and trained professional as these areas are especially vulnerable.
Beijing Male WaxingHot wax is the traditional, original wax method. It is made of pure bees wax, comes in solid form and melts to gooey, thick, gorgeous consistency. It is layered onto the area to be defuzzed and is left for a few seconds to be set and is then removed leaving your skin smooth and sticky free! This wax is THE most pain less way to remove those unwanted hairs, and due to the fact that it sets around the hair, gripping to it instead of sticking to it (and your skin in the process), it is perfect for sensitive skins. Because it is left for a few seconds to set on the skin the warmth opens the pores and allows even the strongest, curliest hairs to be swiftly and effortlessly removed with no breakage, therefore ensuring the smoothest, long lasting results you will ever have. It is also great if you suffer from ingrowing hairs.

The hot wax is applied to the area.Beijing Male Waxing
Once the wax has set it is removed easily along with the hairs.Beijing Male Waxing

Why Choose Waxing

The benefits of waxing are many:Smooth, Silky Skin that Lasts Waxing removes hair from the root, so it takes a longer time for hair to grow again- anywhere from 3-8 weeks, depending on the individual speed of hair growth.
This means your hair free, smooth skin lasts much longer and you can go for that holiday on the beach and bask in the glory of your enviably smooth and glowing skin without having to worry about body hair showing up in the meantime.

No Skin Damage

In contrast to other methods of hair removal like hair-removing creams and shaving, waxing does not cause cuts, pigmentation, or badly smelling skin. No harsh chemicals are present in wax, so, the skin is saved from their damaging effect. Finer and Softer Body Hair The hair that grows after waxing is of a finer and softer variety, not rough and hard as after shaving.
And the really good thing is - waxing does not cause an ugly stubble as seen in just a day after shaving. Double Function of Hair Removal and Exfoliation Waxing leaves the skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated because it also removes a layer of dead cells from the surface of the skin, and thus, indirectly serves the function of exfoliating the skin as well.
Waxing Diminishes Hair Growth After repeated sessions of waxing, you will notice a much sparser hair growth, and hair growth may even stop eventually. In contrast, shaving stimulates hair growth, because it removes hair at the surface only, not at the root. Removing body hair by waxing is becoming so popular that even men are getting their bodies waxed in increasing numbers.

How is Waxing Done?

The good news is that waxing can be done at home as well as by a professional. You can master the technique by doing it yourself a few times. Just heat the wax until it is of a thick consistency and apply it thinly on the skin in the direction of hair growth. Place a cotton cloth, muslin or a paper strip over this area and press it. Finish by holding the skin taut and pulling the strip against the direction of hair growth by a swift movement of the hand.
There, you have done it! The pain you feel will last only an instant and you will forget about it when you feel the pleasant sensation of your silky, smooth skin.Care and Caution while WaxingDo not expose yourself to direct sunlight in the 24 hours before waxing and especially in the 48 hours after it. Avoid wearing tight clothing. Also, avoid hot baths, use of fragrant creams and lotions, and especially body scrubs for the next 24 hours.
Some people may get redness, bumps or skin irritation after waxing, but, it usually subsides within a few hours. If you are using Vitamin A creams or tablets like Differin, Retin A or Isoretinoin, it is strongly recommended that you do not wax, because these medications make the skin more prone to tearing when you peel off the wax. Do not wax on irritated, broken, chapped skin or on moles.

Waxing: Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last few years, as men have become much more aware of their appearance - and how to improve it - we have seen increased interest in men's treatments, both in hair and skin products. Many men feel excessive body hair is no longer a thing to be proud of, and they turn to waxing as one of the most effective ways of hair removal. So if you are a man looking to get rid of some of your excess body hair, here are some questions and answers that may help you to make up your mind. Q: What type of man goes in for waxing?

A: Any man, regardless of age or sexual persuasion, who feels that too much body hair is blighting his life.

Q: If I have it done, will it hurt?

A: With waxing you are removing the hair from the root, not just taking the hair from the skin level, as with shaving or hair removal creams. Any discomfort is minimal, and goes almost instantly. Having said that, if you have a full body wax, then there are more sensitive areas, i.e. the genital and pubic areas. These are more sensitive and need special care when being waxed, but the results are worth it.
Q: What are the most popular areas to be waxed?

A: For most men, it's the hair on there backs and chests that they hate most, so these tend to be two of the most popular areas for treatment. But THE most important area is the one that you want the hair removed from. I will readily provide information and advice on any area of the body that you may want to be waxed.

Q: How long will it last?

A: On average, 4-6 weeks. As you are taking the hair from the root, it means that a new hair will have to grow in its place. This means waxing, unlike other hair removal treatments, gives you a longer time without hair. And the more you have it done, the longer the effects will last as the hair's growth cycle slows down.

Q: Does it itch when the hair starts to grow?

A: Because it is a new hair that is growing there is none of the itching associated with shaving, so there is no discomfort when the hair re-grows.

Q: Are there any people who can't have the treatment?

A: Most people can have waxing, but there are some exceptions to the rule. It is not advisable if you suffer from diabetes (consult your doctor first), have a serious skin allergy or very sensitive skin. Also new scar tissue cannot be waxed over, (ie after an operation ). I will be glad to answer any other questions you may have about suitability before any treatment takes place.

Pre-Treatment Advice

Avoid using any form of moisturising on the area prior to waxing treatment. It is advisable to wear loose clothing, it minimizes the risk of irritation to the newly waxed area.

Aftercare Advice

In the first 24 hours after a waxing treatment, refrain from sunbathing or using a sun bed. Don't use any self-tanning preparations, deodorants or perfume products on the newly waxing area. Also avoid hot baths and showers, cool to warm is OK.

Try to avoid touching, or picking, the new waxed area.

For further details, please ring or email and I will be happy to discuss any queries you may have about Waxing & Hair removal.


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